Critical Religion of Marx

Discussing about matters including the ideology and the superstructure, finally will escort us to talk about religion. The essence of Marx in this context is very surprising when examined closely, Marx sometimes talk about religion in the saying that good at all, but on other occasions, turned very rude and cruel. According to him, the religion at all is an illusion. Fear is an illusion premises very painful consequence.

Critical Religion of MarxReligion is the most extreme form of ideology and the real -a belief system whose main purpose is to provide a reason and the laws so that the entire structure of society can be run in accordance with the authorities’ determination. In fact, religion is highly dependent on economic conditions, because none of the doctrines and religious beliefs has independent values. Although the doctrine of a religion different from other religions, but the specific forms that exist in various societies ultimately depends on one thing, namely the social conditions of life are surely also depend on the strength of the material that could set the community wherever and whenever.

Marx said that the belief in God or gods is the epitome of disappointment over the defeat in the class struggle. Such reliance is disgraceful attitude that must be removed, even by coercion. In some figures of his time, Marx was famous hardest on told about religion.

Actually, Marx rejection of religion is a different side to the intellectual campaign onslaught everyone to expose the evils of religion. Then Marx adds that the core of his criticism of religion (God) was because there is man who creates religion, not religion (God) created man.